Beauty is our youngest Gentle Giant. In fact she is a 3rd generation Gentle Giant. She is the offspring of Angel and Rusty. Grand daughter of our Cash Retired Starr. The sweetest temperment, affectionate and protective.

 and so much fun! Loves traveling. Beautiful Silky Coated Blanket Back.

Hips are OFA Certified, Degenerative Myelopathy Negative,DNA

Tucson, Arizona


Our Dams/ Femal​es

DesErt Rose

​Rosie is another Gentle Giant born in our home. She is the daughter of Cash and Sky.. Sweet, young and highly intelligent. She has been easy to train. She has the typical Gentle Giant temperament, very loving , but protective of both her human and dog family.    SHE Loves to fetch and loves her toys.  Her smooth coat carries Red Tones.

Hips are OFA Certified, Degenerative Myelopathy Negative, DNA