Gentle Giant Diego. A perfect example of what a German Shepherd should be like. Son of Cash and Starr, owned by our family off site. Masculine, tall and large  head with a stunning appearance. Black and reddish tan markings, smooth silky  short coat. Diego weighs 110lbs.

Obedient, intelligent, devoted and protective. Beautiful temperament.  

Spirit Bear

Our Sires/Males


Our Newest Gentle Giant, and our youngest. Bear has a gentle soul and the sweetest heart. Has had advanced training. An affectionate and loyal companion, however because of his size he looks intimidating and could certainly deter intruders to protect his family. 

Bear has the traditional Tan & Black coat and large head.

At 1 -1/2 years of age , he is already 112lbs.

       BANDIT's CASH

Cash  originally from Gold Creek Reiners Kennels in California, comes from West German Lines. He is a huge Red/Black  Plush Coated German Shepherd who weighs 128 lbs .

He passes on size, large bone structure with big boxy heads to his puppies. As well as smooth coats with varying hues of red.

Cash has a wonderful calm temperament,

loves children . Has had advanced training. Gets along well with other dogs. Extreme protective instints.