Cash  originally from Gold Creek Reiners Kennels in California, comes from West German Lines. He is a huge Red/Black  Plush Coated German Shepherd who weighs 128 lbs .

He passes on size, large bone structure with big boxy heads to his puppies. As well as smooth coats with varying hues of red.

Cash has a wonderful calm temperament,

loves children . Has had advanced training. Gets along well with other dogs. Extreme protective instints.

Our Sires/Males



Gentle Giant Diego. A perfect example of what a German Shepherd should be like. Son of Cash and Starr, owned by our family off site. Masculine, tall and large  head with a stunning appearance. Black and reddish tan markings, smooth silky  short coat. Diego weighs 110lbs.

Obedient, intelligent, devoted and protective. Beautiful temperament.