Tucson, Arizona


My story

I have never lived a moment of my life without the companionship of a faithful and loving dog.

 Originally from New York. I was drawn to the beautiful skies, the canyons, the colors and the warm climate of the Southwest. Tucson Arizona has now been my home for over 30 years. I discovered German Shepherds when I first met my husband. He would frequently tell childhood stories that would always include his  dog "Smokey". Smokey was a German Shepherd that loved and protected him and all the other members of his family. When we decided to marry, I thought I would surprise him with a German Shepherd as a wedding gift.

  After much research, I purchased "Bandit" from Wind Dancer Kennels . A huge teddy bear like puppy( West German Line). He changed my life forever. Our "First Gentle Giant". Besides his beauty and intelligence, what captured my heart was his "soul". He was a playful family pet one moment, and yet he was quick to patrol and protect our property the next..   Easily trained, always eager to learn, and just as eager to please. One look into his brown eyes and you knew he understood his purpose. His Family. His Pack. His duty was to love, to serve and to protect us.


  Our Gentle Giant inspired me to want to share this quality of German Shepherd with others. My husband and I have since gathered our small family of Gentle Giants. They are pets, companions and so much more. Bandit is gone now, but he lives on in the puppies that we breed and are known as THE GENTLE GIANTS.

   We are not a kennel, but rather a home full of love for our dogs.Only a few litters are born a year. They are raised in our home . We raise them exclusively as pets. 

  We focus on size, intelligence and calm temperaments. They must be healthy, strong protectors and easy to train in order to provide you with the unique experience you deserve.. 

​A.K.C. papers,vaccinations, wormings, and a one year health guarantee  are all part of your purchase.Puppies can be shipped throughout the United States with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, and as Arizona weather permits.

  As a Registered Nurse for over 40 years, specializing in reproduction.  I am able to  combine my expertise in medicine with the love I have for this exceptional breed.  

I am very grateful to be in a position to serve you.

 My goal is to provide you with a healthy , faithful and loyal companion , a strong deterrent from intruders, a dog who will love,  serve and protect you and your family for a lifetime.